Director Claudio Faeh and I chatted with to promote the film:

L to R: Claudio, myself, and Hamlee the giraffe (who met his end by lightning bolt late last year, RIP)


Although I consider myself a Yankees fan, I remembered my love of Larry Bird’s mustache and kept myself in check for this interview:

"But Billy, PLEASE - can't this stress-test wait, I really gotta pee!"

In-depth interview by Marla Reed for Eclipse Magazine

Not seen: Author Marla Reed, forced to interview me by gunpoint.

Even TEENS love SNIPER: RELOADED!  Although, it is Rated R…sorry kids.

Yeah, that’s right – the lovely Jenna Busch interviewed me for a women’s site…because, like Scott Bakula, I’m so friggin’ sensitive (actual lyrics from Sunspot, in their song “Scott Bakula”).

Yeah, that's right - I'm a sniper...but also sensitive. What of it?

A fun interview, and also an even more fun review by the author…

A nice Q & A about SNIPER, my acting career, and upcoming projects from Ian Spelling at